Walk in beat!

In preparation of our students to appreciate and understand the purpose of our “Walk in Beat” walkathon, members of “Heartbeat Association” visited our school one week before the event. Representatives explained to students how “HeartBeat” supports little kids born with heart disease who need medical treatment.

October 22, 2016 is another great day that went down in Collège Elysée history. The annual “Elie Moussallem walkathon” was an experience which we will always remember. Our event was crowned with the support and presence of “HeartBeat” Association. The launching of the walk was done by no other than Mrs. May El Khalil, president of the “Beirut Marathon Association”. Young and old, friends and family of Collège Elysée participated with all their energy and love.

On Wednesday December 7th our students visited “Heartbeat” in Hotel Dieu Hospital. During their visit they got the chance to understand the organization’s purpose which is supporting children who have heart defects from birth. The students were able to visit some of the kids who undergone heart surgery and it was an emotional and amazing encounter!